The hot tub is open year round and the pool open from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.  Thank you for following the posted guidelines so we can continue to have both the pool and hot tub open.

Wolfridge Resort

Lou and Gabrielle Childers created Wolfridge Resort over 20 years ago. They created a beautiful and peaceful place
for families to enjoy all the Methow Valley has to offer. 

Although they no longer manage all aspects of Wolfridge Resort, Gabrielle and Lou are still doing what they love best.....talking with long time friends and guests and taking care of them during their visit to Wolfridge Resort.   

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  Pool and Hot Tub Updates

The pool is open from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.

The hot tub is open year round. It's especially enjoyable following a good day of xc skiing.

The play structure is always fun for kids. 



60 beautiful acres

Peaceful Natural Environment

four season resort